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About – Freethought Bubble


Freethought Bubble — A logical review of the news.

“It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” – William Kingdon Clifford, The Ethics of Belief (1879)

We live in a time like no other. There is no shortage of news and information available to us. Our 24-hour society never rests. Yet, the “man on the street” interviews illustrate that while citizens can name all the members of the latest pop group, or actors on a popular television show, they flounder when asked to name the Secretary of Defense.

We may have an unlimited supply of news and information at our fingertips but we are either choosing not to reach for the important stuff, we are overwhelmed by the supply, or we are just lost in the babble. Whatever the case, it is time we started receiving unbiased, clear, rational, knowledgeable, and logical news and information from which we can make educated and honest decisions.

Freethought Bubble aims to be the source you turn to when you want the straight talk about what’s happening in our world and communities. Speak up and share your thoughts. It’s time to inject a little discourse and reason into the news.

Contact us at speak@freethoughtbubble.com

While others may be first to break the news, we’ll be the first to bring you the original sources they won’t include. You deserve more than a summary.

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