While we may not be hearing how the 2008 presidential candidates plan to eradicate poverty, we can approach the subject ourselves and vow to do something about it on an individual basis.

Ironically, one of the reasons many people are thrust into the world of poverty is health care, or the lack of it. Remember health care? Health care was supposed to be “the” issue of the 2008 election. That was before it took a back seat to the bank bailout, the distraction of the female maverick, and the constant barrage of personal attacks and meaningless accusations. You know, the important stuff.

While some may like to believe that the issue of affordable, quality, health care has been dealt with, or is at the top of the nation’s “to do” list, they should live a day in the life of those who are living and dying in the grasp of poverty due to the mounting health care costs and lack of access to quality care.



Watch for yourself in the documentary, “Critical Condition.” “Critical Condition” is streaming in its entirety for FREE from October 1, 2008 until November 11, 2008. From the award winning Director and Producer, Roger Weisberg, “Critical Condition” profiles four people and their families who struggle to survive without health insurance. You can also watch it on PBS, check for rebroadcasts in your area.

Watch this movie and spread the word about this great film. It should at least be passed around as often as those terrible jokes that fill your inbox every day. Help strike a balance in the world.

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